OKO MACHINE develops and implements solutions for the tasks of automating machine vision processes using modern components and reliable software. OKO MACHINE was founded in 2019 to implement solutions in the Ukrainian market as a new direction in the framework of diversification of the industrial automation business and became the core of the company’s activities.

The main advantage of working with our company is the work of experimental laboratory for registration and processing of images. The arsenal contains the necessary tools for building a system for recording and analyzing images. Various cameras, wide range of optical devices, fixtures, processing technologies, image capturing and more. We can build a machine vision system and guarantee its performance before it is introduced into the production process.

We design and manufacture machines and equipment for the automation of industrial processes. In our projects we use modern robotics, machine vision, motion control and other automation technologies and elements. Machines and equipment "OKO Machine" are modern and reliable solutions to the efficient and flexible factory processes.

We build and implement our machine vision systems, if necessary, in the production process, together with electromechanical systems and manipulators. We offer our customers several types of robots that are integrated with our machine vision systems: single- and multi-axis motion systems based on belt, screw linear actuators and linear motors, Scara and Delta robots, six-axis robots, orbital robots and other manipulators that we use in OKO machines

We develop and implement the OKO check visual control systems. Our installations allow you to quickly and efficiently evaluate the compliance of a part in transmitted and scattered light according to a given model, and make geometric measurements. The systems are used for stamping, forging of blanks and further sorting and rejection, for manual cutting of material (fabrics, leather, plastic, fur and other materials). It can be used to measure seals, elastomer rings. To control the wear-tear of machine parts and mechanisms in a running machine. The installations will be convenient for manual production of products and in conditions of automated production lines. Installations are designed, manufactured and configured for various conditions and applications and have various optical schemes, processor architecture, lamps, design features (specify details upon request).

OKO MACHINE is provider of reliable machine vision technologies at an affordable price and in a short time.

For our company, visualizing clearly means finding the best way to make the right decision by human or machine intelligence.