FA lenses
Model Focal Length Aperture Image Circle Min. distance to the object Mount Diam * Length
OKO MVL-LF8040M-F 80mm F4.0-F32 Φ46mm(2.9") 230mm C-Mount Φ63×84.19mm
OKO MVL-LF5040M-F 50мм F4.0-F32 Φ46mm(2.9") 150mm C-Mount Φ59×80.7mm
OKO SA8520M-10MP 85мм F2.0-F22 Φ23mm(4/3") 1.2m C-Mount Φ80*111.7mm
OKO SA5020M-10MP 50мм F2.0-F22 Φ23mm(4/3") 0.3m C-Mount Φ44.6*53.5mm
OKO SA2520M-10MP 25мм F2.0-F22 Φ23mm(4/3") 0.15m C-Mount Φ47.5*82.7mm
OKO SA1220M-10MP 12мм F2.0-F22 Φ23mm(4/3") 0.15m C-Mount Φ80*84.4mm
OKO MVL-KF5028M-12MP 50мм F2.8-F16 Φ17.6mm(1.1") 0.3m C-Mount Φ39*46.72mm
OKO MVL-KF2528M-12MP 25мм F2.8-F16 Φ17.6mm(1.1") 0.12m C-Mount Φ38.6*44.01mm
OKO MVL-KF0818M-12MP 8мм F1.8~C Φ16mm(1") 0.3m C-Mount Φ47*56.99mm
OKO MVL-MF3528M-8MP 35мм F2.8-F16 Φ11mm(2/3") 0.15m C-Mount Φ32×48.19mm
OKO MVL-MF2528M-8MP 25мм F2.8-F16 Φ11mm(2/3") 0.1m C-Mount Φ30×38.12mm
OKO MVL-MF1228M-8MP 12мм F2.8-F16 Φ11mm(2/3") 0.1m C-Mount Φ32×39.4mm
OKO MVL-HF5028M-6MP 50мм F2.8-F16 Φ9mm(1/1.8") 0.3m C-Mount Φ29.4*43.89mm
OKO MVL-HF2528M-6MP 25мм F2.8-F16 Φ9mm(1/1.8") 0.15m C-Mount Φ29*34.34mm
OKO MVL-HF1228M-6MP 12мм F2.8-F16 Φ9mm(1/1.8") 0.1m C-Mount Φ29*35.36mm
OKO MVL-HF0628M-6MP 6мм F2.8-F16 Φ9mm(1/1.8") 0.035m C-Mount Φ29*40.36mm

Lenses are made of high-quality materials and have low optical distortion for measurements. High levels of peripheral brightness. Exit pupil size up to 4/3”. Mount: C type. Lens resolution from 6MP to 12MP.