Industrial manipulators

We build and implement our machine vision systems, if necessary, in the production process, together with electromechanical systems and manipulators. We offer our customers several types of robots that are integrated with our machine vision systems, comprehensively solving the problems of the production process.

Depending on the masses of goods being moved, the types of their placement, the design of the robots, the accelerations applied to the loads and many other parameters, such systems can work out before major repairs from 5000 km to 1,000,000 km of track. In most cases, we design our systems based on a minimum maintenance-free life of 3 years of three-shift operation.

There are several types of robots working at our enterprise, which can be tested in working with the customer's products, to evaluate experimentally the speed of work, the quality of the operations performed (gripping, holding, the work of special tools, etc.)

Our Company is an official distributor and service partner of Epson. The Epson’s robot manipulators are delivered in numerous models and differ in the type of robot, working strokes, speed and acceleration, load capacity, version, installation method and other characteristics. There are offered robots in CleanRoom version for pharmaceutical, semiconductor, food and a number of other industries, to be able to work in clean rooms. A wide list of accompanying documentation from the manufacturer is presented for preparation of validation documentation and implementation of standardization requirements in general, depending upon various industries.