Scara robot manipulator
Model Max. Load Arm Length / Reach Maximum Operating Speed Repeatability
Epson G3 SCARA Robots Small up to 3 kg 400 mm 6500 mm/s 0,1 mm
Epson G6 SCARA Robots Medium up to 5 kg up to 650 mm 6500 mm/s 0,02 mm
Epson G6 SCARA Robots Big up to 10 kg up to 800 mm 8000 mm/s 0,02 mm
Epson G20 SCARA Robots Heavy Large up to 20 kg 800-1000 mm 12000 mm/s 0,02 mm

To solve industrial automation tasks using machine vision systems, we use three – and four-axis robotic manipulators, which are a high-speed and ready-to-install solution.

Such works have an "arm" length of up to 1000 mm. They operate at speeds up to 6500 mm/sec and they move loads up to 12 kg. As part of our systems, we use robots from leading world manufacturers.