Six-axis robots
Model Max. Load Arm Length / Reach Repeatability
Epson ProSix C3-A600S 3 кг 600 мм 0,02 mm
ProSix C12-A1401S (C12XL) - Standard Version 12 kg 1400 мм 0,05 мм

The main advantage of this type of six-axis robots is the versatility of the robot. Free orientation along six axes allows you to automate a wide range of manufacturing operations. The offered robots have a rigid structure and high performance. Together with machine vision systems, such robots represent an effective way of building a modern technological process.

The offered robots can be:

  • wall
  • outdoor
  • ceiling mounting.

There are versions for "clean" rooms.

These robots can move loads up to 20 kg over distances up to 1400 mm.

Our experts will carry out all the necessary calculations for modeling the technological process with the proposed manipulators. An operating imaging laboratory will assess the effectiveness of the use of machine vision. Special software will allow you to quickly develop a layout drawing, virtually evaluate the system operation. In our company you can test the work of the proposed robots.