OKO check easy

It is an inexpensive, simple and reliable optical system for checking and comparing an object with a reference image. The system is the entry-level application of machine vision systems in your production, but will provide a significant increase in production efficiency. This system allows you to get a projection of an image in transmitted light or to take pictures of the object's surface under diffused light. It is used for checking and sorting products in single and serial production.

  • type of measurement: contours in transmitted light, diffused light
  • travel axes:none. Tripod design. Manual fixation.
  • distortion compensation: digital (the machine can be equipped with telecentric lens).
  • measurement object size: from 1mm to 2000mm (depending on the lens used, the size of the illumination surface and the height of the camera installation)
  • accuracy from 0.05 mm to 5 mm (depending on the size of the object)
  • the ability to load the reference projection of the product into the installation software and compare with the resulting image of the product
  • positioning of the object invariantly with respect to the depth of rotation of the reference model
  • it is possible to analyze the preset dimensions according to the reference projection and compare with the actual dimensions and dimensions of the reference model. The places of material shortage and excess in comparison with the reference model are indicated, quantitative indicators of the discrepancy between the object and the reference model can be obtained
  • installation allows to switch to different projections of one product in one click
  • thecomputer board is built into the case
  • industrial dustproof keyboard
  • simple and convenient module for interactive image analysis. The user can measure the linear dimensions between the reference points of interest, determine angles, check the roundness , squareness of parts, perform other measurements

Such a system is indispensable for stamping, forging blanks and further sorting and rejection. When manually cutting material (fabrics, leather, plastic, fur and other materials) OKO check easy will evaluate the cutting quality in less than 1 second. It can be used to measure seals, elastomer rings. This machine will be highly appreciated by specialists in manual and machine tweaking and sharpening of tools and devices. We help our customers to customize the installation, develop special algorithms for image analysis.