OKO check manufacturing

The key characteristic of this measuring system is the use of software and system components, where the key aspect is the speed of measurement and the possibility of integrating the machine into the production process. The implementation of tasks is carried out using line and frame cameras, various optical systems, smart cameras, video capture devices and powerful industrial computers. The software is developed at our enterprise, various language environments are used: C#, C++, OPEN CV, HALCON.

The system of fixing the camera and lamps is developed individually.

Such systems can be installed on existing lines or delivered as a separate module of their own supporting structure. We integrate the image processing system into the overall line operation algorithm. For this, our company employs experienced engineers for the automation of production processes, we have our own production base.

As a rule, it is used in serial and large-scale production.

You can evaluate the filling of containers and the quality of containers, the conformity of the geometric dimensions of parts and products, evaluate the shape of products, carry out color analysis of products, count objects, control the integrity of roll and sheet materials. There are many other applications for OKO check manufacturing systems in automated batch production.

Modern machine learning algorithms will make it possible to find product defects that are difficult to classify, detect any changes in textures, and classify objects with high reliability rates.