OKO check pro

This system can be used to analyze products in mechanical engineering, reverse engineering, microscopy. The machine is indispensable for conformity assessment of curved surfaces, measurement and conformity of linear dimensions in serial production. OKO check pro can be classified as a device for measuring technology, not only as a tool for monitoring and geometric comparison of an object with a reference model.

When ordering a machine with the appropriate option, OKO check pro machines allow for automated direct and most accurate (in contrast to the class of devices based on the registration of laser beam deviations) particle counting on analytical membranes: analysis of contamination of working fluids (oils, fuels, emulsions), other liquids.

  • Type of measurement: contours in transmitted light, diffuse illumination, confocal illumination.
  • Traversing axes: motorized drive (optional). Motorized control of the movable table from software or joystick. Motorized camera movement along the Z-axis (optional)
  • Distortion compensation: telecentric lens.
  • Measurement object size: from 0.1 mm to 200 mm.
  • Accuracy up to 0.001 mm.
  • Ability to load the reference projection of the product into the installation software and compare with the resulting image of the product. Working in a CAD environment.
  • The positioning of the object invariantly according to the positioning of the product on the illumination source.
  • It is possible to analyze the preset dimensions from the reference projection and compare with the actual dimensions and dimensions of the reference model. The places of material shortage and excess in comparison with the reference model are indicated, quantitative indicators of the object and reference model discrepancy can be obtained.
  • Installation allows to switch to different projections of one product in one click.
  • Computer control and analysis and external images.
  • Powerful software from a leading manufacturer of machine vision components.This software allows you to find geometric primitives, is characterized by very accurate measurement algorithms (subpixel algorithms), compatible with CAD environments.
  • Installation and integration of third-party software is possible.

The OKO CHECK PRO machine is a functional multi-purpose equipment with numerous options. The main technical issue in selecting equipment may be to determine the optimal field of view, or to understand the size of analyzed product optically captured in the image. This video illustrates the function of a CNC driven machine that "stitches" frames of an object for subsequent composite image measurements.