Image Test Lab

The main competitive advantage of working with our enterprise is the work of an experimental image laboratory. The arsenal contains the necessary tools for building a system for recording and analyzing images. Various cameras, a wide range of optical devices, luminaires, processing technology, image capture tools and much more. We can build a machine vision system and guarantee its performance before work begins on its implementation in the customer's production.

Development of software and selection of equipment in accordance with the requirements of the production task

WE carry out the implementation of algorithms for work in various programming environments: C++, Matrox Design Assistant, products of the HALCON company. Tasks related to front-end and back-end development can be performed by our specialists or transferred to partner enterprises for development. Software is being developed for the operation of industrial SIEMENS controllers, HMI panels.

Own pilot production of automated systems and components

The experience of our enterprise in solving automation problems is impressive. We can provide the integration of the imaging system into the production process.  We have electronic engineers with experience in the field of instrumentation work, there is a pilot production facility consisting of modern metal-cutting equipment with fine program control. Pneumatic, hydraulic and electromechanical drive mechanisms, ready-made manipulators and robots, process technology will be combined into a single system to reduce the cost of your products, improve its quality and reduce scrap.